What foods are in season now? (May)

Among the many economic and environmental incentives to eat food that is season, you also get the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious meals!

But it is not always easy to know what foods are in season since our consumerism-centered economy, combined with a growing rift in knowledge between urban populations and agricultural practices, have led to supermarket aisles stocked with all of the products, all of the time, regardless of what is in season.

A good way to know what is in season is to check out the products on sale at your local farmers’ market. You can be sure that what family farmers offer there is fresh and harvested when ripe (as opposed to international imports, which are often harvested early  so as not to spoil during shipping). To find the location of your local farmers’ market, enter your zip code in Local Harvest’s guide.

For those who prefer to shop in a supermarket but still want to purchase seasonal foods, here is our quick guide to what is in season in the month of May in North America:


Perfect for a pre-dinner snack, these popular root veggies are rich in vitamin C and loaded with anti-cancer nutrients! You can store them in your fridge for several days before serving them with butter and salt for an aperitif to stimulate the appetite. Make sure to pick out radishes with plump bulbs and vivid green leaves.


Great for dipping into succulent vinaigrettes or mayonnaise, the leaves of this flower bud  can be a dish in and of themselves or added to a salad. The subtle flavor and patience in both preparing and consuming the artichoke make it a food to linger over!


This low-caloric, potassium-rich vegetable with vitamins A and C is incredibly versatile and can be prepared in ratatouilles, fried, baked, grilled – you name it. Look for the small zucchini, as they have the strongest taste.


Check the crispiness and firmness of these fiber-rich stalks before making your selection for a tarty complement to meat or delicious pudding.


We aren’t just talking about fruits and vegetables here! In the months of May and June in North America, one can find seasonal local lamb that is as succulent as it is rich in zinc. Of course, lamb imported from New Zealand is obtainable year-round, but a good spring lamb from your area during this time cannot be matched for flavor and freshness.


Doctors recommend a serving of oily fish such as the mackerel per week, so get yours fresh while it’s in season, April through July. We recommend preparing it with a creamy or buttery sauce to bring out the moistness and flavor of this excellent catch.

Some more wonderful seasonal foods during the month of May include asparagus, corn, fava beans, broccoli, avocado, cucumber, peas, spinach, apricots, grapefruit, strawberries, kiwis, lemons, limes, pineapples, duck, and crab.

You can learn more about seasonal foods and keep up to date with the following guide.

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